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     ​ I am a licensed massage therapist practicing for ten years.  I own my own business, Suzen Healing Arts, having graduated from Oregon School of Massage (OSM) in 2008.  Specializing in the Eastern Massage technique of Shiatsu, as well as Oncology massage and much more, I enjoy giving my clients a massage that suits their body. May it be a relaxing Swedish massage, an active stretch or perhaps a combination of both. If you have any limitations, allow me to work with you to get your body functioning better.
     ​ I am a student of Ling Gui International Healing School.  I have been certified to teach 5 of their forms. I am a Dahn Yoga instructor for programs outside the Dahn Yoga centers.

     I believe that we all have a doctor within us, once we become aware of our mind, body and spirit, then we begin to heal ourselves.  You simply must allow yourselves to listen to what your body to saying.  Allow me to help YOU listen to your inner doctor today! 

     What an experience and journey this has all been for me! I have grown spiritually and have connected with my body and mind. I feel it is important for all of us to take a few moments each day to be grateful for what we have.

    I am currently working at Walker Road Chiropractic as a massage therapist.

"Susan is a true healer! Her style is unique in that she blends many different massage techniques into play, thus resulting in a total body refreshing experience...One massage and you'll be hooked."
- Forrest Sherman
(Nike Athletic Training - Experience)
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